Tirolean Festivities

04 July 2014

Over the last two weeks we have been incredibly spoilt with fun and fascinating local events across the Zugspitze Arena. For the midsummer solstice the hills were literally alive; each year local families create incredible images out of fire that burn high in the mountains after sunset. This years ‘Bergfeuer’ was dedicated to the ordination of a local priest, so the mountain fires were of a religious theme with altar tables, crucifixes and even the face of christ appearing on our highest peaks! The ordination itself was a huge event in the village, where a parade was held in the church square accompanied by a large brass band in traditional dress.

Plenty more lederhosen were to be seen later in the week at the ‘Tirolean Abend’ at the Zugspitzsaal, the local community centre. Staff and guests sauntered down after dinner to enjoy an oom-pah-pah band, traditional dance, wood chopping and of course…plenty schnapps consumption! And for those that hadn’t had their fill of schnapps, there was a healthy sized group in presence the following day for the free tour of the local schnapps factory (with tastings!).

To round off the week, we were treated to the Alberg Classic Car Rally, where an amazing array of vintage vehicles were driven through Ehrwald’s main square by well known Austrian racing drivers and other celebrities. The Hotel Sonnenspitze’s sun terrace was the prime location for watching the cars drive by whilst enjoying a nice drink in the sunshine!

Do not worry that you have missed out on all the fun! There is an entire programme of local events that is produced weekly by tourist information- we will always have copies readily available here for you to look at.

Many thanks to Kate for the words and photos. She’ll be sending in pictures and blogging for us regularly from the Austrian Alps!

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