The Picos de Europa

08 June 2016

So many curious, beautiful mountains, so wild and unknown! So many gorges! So many sharp needles! So many forests! If you seek the unknown, this is where you must come”

Approximately 300 million years ago a huge chain of mountains rose up out of the earth’s crust due to plate tectonic movement creating the Picos de Europa. History then repeated itself 50 million years ago furthering the height of these soaring giants.

An abundance of rain and snow, due to the proximity of the sea to the mountain peaks, has then been responsible for dissecting these limestone giants through erosion and the freeze thaw effect into the three Massifs we know today; El Corniōn (the Western Massif), Los Urrieles (Central Massif), and Āndara (the Eastern Massif).

Along with providing us with these three soaring peaks, over time erosion has also delivered gorges, two of which; La Hermida, and The Carres Gorge you can witness during our organised walks. Numerous passes providing perfect high level lunch spots with panoramic views. Chasms and caves, all sculpting the Picos scenery to what we now see today, one of the most important and varied karstic landscapes in the world.

See Walking Holidays in the Picos de Europa for more information.

Thanks to Emma Saunders and Mike Ball two of our walk organisers from the Picos de Europa team for these superb photos and blog piece!

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