News from the Picos de Europa

14 August 2012

Beaches, Bears and Brave Pioneers!!

Since last we blogged the weather in the Picos De Europa, it has lived up to its reputation with conditions ranging from late night thunderstorms to clear hot days.

If you find that the heat is becoming too much or, like most do, find that you need a rest day in between walking days then there are plenty of places to explore, including a visit to the beautiful northern coast of Spain, which is littered with both popular tourist beaches as well as more peaceful secluded coves. If you fancy something more active then there is also the option of canoeing, canyoning or climbing, plus numerous other activities all provided locally.

Although we are well over half way through our summer season here in the Picos de Europa, we are still out and about, finding new walks to add to our collection of great routes. Last week Benn led a brave group of pioneers on an exploration of the Fuente De Mines. They discovered it to be a place of great interest, especially for those with an interest in geology and history.

We are forever indebted to the wildlife of the Picos, all of which seems to turn up just when required!! Chamoix are frequently seen, often in the Aliva Valley which separates the Central and Eastern massifs of the Picos De Europa. Also popular are Wallcreepers, as well as a variety of Eagles. Exciting news this week – the first spotting of a Bear in the Picos de Europa by a member of the Colletts team!!! Some claim that the sighting does not count as it may have been in the centre of the Parque de la Naturaleza Cabarceno in Santander, a coastal Safari Park well worth a visit!!

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