Food in the Austrian Alps

10 June 2014

We have watched Ehrwald spring into action throughout the past few weeks, and today the Coburger Hütte- a favourite amongst locals- opened its doors, serving up amazing food and views of two turquoise mountain lakes. This week’s walk programme has featured visits to several other higher level huts, including the Bichlbacher, Tuftl and Hochfelden Alms. And what better way to reward yourself after a hard climb than with some local treats?! Here are some tips and tempting photos to familiarise you with the local dishes ready for your visit (or for some of you just some delicious memories!)

1) Kaiserschmarrn

As seen here being devoured by Barry and Tony alongside a beer, Kaiserschmarrn is a light, caramelised shredded pancake served with fruit compote, traditionally made of plums or apples. Portions tend to be giant sized, so best to share with friends after a walk, or perhaps after lunch if you’re feeling naughty!

2) Aufschnitt

AKA ‘cold cuts’, an Aufschnitt Platter offers a great selection of local meats, usually served with a selection of pickles, onions, vegetables and of course bread and butter. Perfect for a sunny afternoon, and also usually enough for at least two to enjoy.

3) Kaffee und Kuchen

If you thought the Brits did a good afternoon tea, wait until you see how they do it in Austria! Whilst the mountain huts tend to offer slightly more robust options such as warm apple strudel, cosmopolitan spots such as Ehrwald’s Cafe Leitner offer far more intricate delicacies. Here are Jim, John, Carole and Val enjoying Mocha Eclairs, Apple Streusel and Tropical Fruit Gateaux at the famous Cafe Kroner in nearby Garmisch. Yummy!

4) Almdudler

A popular Austrian soft drink made of grapes, apples and herbs, this refreshing tipple is a lovely alternative to alcohol or indeed the world-dominating coca cola. Best served on a sun terrace with a bright blue cloudless sky.

…and of course there are those scrumptious packed lunches made by yours truly- at 2962 metres what could possibly taste better than a ham roll?!

Many thanks to Kate for the words and photos. She’ll be sending in pictures and blogging for us regularly from the Austrian Alps! Dafydd has also been supplying us with some beautiful landscape shots of the walking and mountains for our blogs, website and Facebook page – Thank you!

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