Collett’s first season in the Alps

30 May 2014

The first ever Collett’s season in the Austrian Alps is officially underway! Our brave firsts guests are reaching the end of their week with us and we’ve had a fantastic few days exploring walk routes, alpine cuisine and the ins and outs of the Hotel Sonnenspitze. It’s fair to say that all hotel guests will certainly eat well, with an extensive buffet breakfast, mid-afternoon snack and extravagant five course meal being provided for you every day (except wednesdays, the day off). Both ourselves and our self-catered guests have enjoyed trying out the local restaurants in Ehrwald and nearby Lermoos- many of which we can highly recommend! We’ve also made use of a fair few huts and alms out on the walks, with awesome views, great food… and delicious local beer!

Walks this first week have varied from the gentle ‘Seebensee Classic’, a must-do which visits the stunning most photographed lake in Austria, to the ‘Pitznegg Peak’, a fairly gruelling steep ascent for the more hardcore walkers amongst us (but with unmissable views of the arena from the summit!). We have also been blessed to have three very knowledgable botanists amongst our guests, who have shared some incredible facts and enthusiasm regarding the local alpine flowers. This evening we will round off the week with our local and general knowledge quiz to see how tuned in our guests have been- if you’re planning a visit later in the season, we advise you start revising now!!!

Many thanks to Kate for the words and photos. She’ll be sending in pictures and blogging for us regularly from the Austrian Alps!

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