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Walking Holidays Austrian Alps - Hohe Tauern

Guest Information for Hut to Hut in the Hohe Tauern

Hut to Hut in the Austrian Alps

With your self-guided hut to hut holiday fast approaching, we hope the information set out below helps you to prepare for your trip. As always, if you have any questions or worries that are not covered in the information below, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. In the meantime we wish you an enjoyable and successful walking holiday.

Our hut to hut host is Katie Keeley and she looks forward to meeting you in the late afternoon or early evening on the day of your arrival.

For walking holiday insurance, please click here.

Arrival Day
Dolomites Handbook Information

Arrival Day

All guests should make their way to Hotel Hinteregger upon arrival in Matrei. Where, provided you have supplied an ETA, someone will be waiting to greet you and settle you in.

Guests with Airport Transfers – if you have booked an airport transfer from Munich Airport (Mondays and Saturdays only), details of your pick-up and drop-off arrangements will have been sent to you by post. Please familiarise yourselves with the relevant instructions.

Guests Travelling Independently – If you are arriving in Matrei by car or public transport, please ensure you have contacted the UK office or the Matrei Resort Mobile with your estimated time of arrival. Then make your way to Hotel Hinteregger where you will be welcomed and settled. Contact numbers and directions can be found in the following tabs.

On Your Arrival – there will be a couple of administrative tasks to deal with. You will be welcomed by a member of our walking team, who will also inform you of when and where Katie will meet you to discuss your itinerary.

Hut to Hut Host – in the late afternoon or early evening we aim to offer all our Hut to Hut guests the opportunity to spend 30 – 40 minutes with our dedicated Hut to Hut Host. If you arrive late on your arrival day, this may be carried out straight after breakfast the following morning. This should provide you with a chance to ask questions and run through the finer details of your trek. Our host will give you appropriate bus timetables, village map (where relevant) etc. Please bring your maps, route cards and accommodation schedule to this meeting.

If you have luggage that you are not taking with you on your Hut to Hut itinerary, our host can arrange for your bags to be stored, ready for your return.

On Your Return – On your return to Matrei at the end of your trek, we will be expecting you. It is nice to know how you got on, but this is also a safety precaution to ensure you have returned safely. If you would prefer not to pop in to Office Hour, our informal evening gathering (6.30pm – 7.30pm) in the lounge of the Hotel Hinteregger that evening, please could you call the Resort Mobile using the number provided, to let us know you have returned. Thank you. If you are using our return airport transfer, or indeed staying on at the Hotel Hinteregger, you can find out more information at Office Hour for the following day.

Resort Contacts

Useful Numbers & Contact Info.

Please ensure you enter the following telephone numbers in to your phone so you have them with you on your day of travel.

Collett's Mountain Holidays
c/o Hotel Hinteregger
Hintermarkt 4,
Matrei in Osttirol,
Google Map Link
0043 4875 6587
Resort Mobile - 0044 7576 899 277 or 0043 664 322 3660
Collett's Mountain Holidays UK - 0044 (0) 1799 513331 Monday - Friday 9am-6pm / Saturday 9am-3pm
(Outside of these hours please call your chalet or the resort manager - thank you)

Travel & Directions
Austrian Alps - Zugspitze Handbook Information

Travel & Transfers

Click here to print this page as a PDF.
Click here to print directions to Matrei as a PDF.

Before leaving home

Passport – Is it in date? Contact the passport office here if you need to renew your passport
Walking Holiday Insurance – Do you have any? Contact us on 01799 513331 or click here for details
Flight Check-in – Remember to print off your boarding pass
Baggage – Have you checked the size & weight of your baggage?
Book Airport Hotel – Click here
Book Airport Parking – Click here

Transfers & Arrival Day

If you have booked an Airport Transfer from Salzburg airport, you will be met by a member of our staff at the airport at a pre‐arranged time. Details of transfer times are posted in the mail by Dee Collett in the form of a letter to the person who booked the holiday roughly 2 weeks before your holiday.

We meet by the café inside the Arrivals of the airport. Look out for someone carrying a Collett’s brochure. The transfer time to Matrei is about 2 hrs 15 mins.

Important Notes concerning Collett’s Transfers – We try to keep ‘waiting at the airport’ to a minimum, but you have booked a transfer on the understanding that it is a possibility on both your day of arrival and departure. We are not offering a personal taxi service. Our transfer times are set to help us group people together from a number of different flights, both morning and afternoon. Waiting may also be caused by delayed flights – within reason. Please cancel your airport transfer and make your own plans if you are not happy with these arrangements, which by and large work very well.

On arrival in Matrei and the Hotel Hinteregger, you will be met by another member of our staff who will settle you in to the Hotel.

Fly Drivers, Self Drivers & Train Travellers

If you are hiring a car, self driving or arriving by public transport, rather than joining us on a transfer please refer to our Directions and Maps here.

All guests should make their way to the Hotel Sonnenspitze. You can check-in from 2pm onwards and if you have provided us with an ETA, a member of Collett’s staff will be available to meet you. Please contact us if you have not yet provided an ETA, or are delayed. Click here to submit your E.T.A.

Vignette – will need to be purchased only if you are driving via Innsbruck (on the motorway) to Ehrwald, but not when driving down via Munich or Memmingen. They can be bought from petrol stations.

Parking – is available on the street directly in front of the Hotel Sonnenspitze and also in the rear car park behind the hotel.

Fly Drivers, Self Drivers & Train Travellers

If you are hiring a car, self driving or arriving by public transport, rather than joining us on a transfer please refer to our Directions and Village Map here.

All guests (whether staying in the Hotel or an apartment) should make their way to the Hotel Hinteregger. You can check-in from 2pm onwards and if you have provided us with an ETA, a member of Collett’s staff will be available to meet you. Please contact us if you have not yet provided an ETA, or are delayed. Click here to submit your E.T.A.

Vignette – will need to be purchased and displayed on your windscreen if you are driving on the Austrian Motorways. They can be purchased from most petrol stations on the motorways.

Parking – is available in the hotel car park, found by continuing straight on past the hotel for about 150m then turn right up a slight hill. At the T-Junction at the top, turn right again and you will find the hotel car park on the right after another 150m.

Google Map Directions

Go to www.bit.ly/Hotel-Hinteregger-Directions for Google Map Directions from any location.

A Night in a Hut
Dolomites Handbook Information

A Night in a Hut

Here is a quick summary of how the huts work. We hope it helps on your forthcoming holiday.

Check-In – This is generally done at the bar or kitchen counter. Let the hut guardians know the surname of the person who booked your holiday and that you have booked through Collett’s Mountain Holidays. You might have to present your Accommodation Itinerary. Ask what the dinner arrangements are, as they usually take your dinner order at least an hour before you sit down. Never go into sleeping areas with your boots on. Find a pair of hut slippers if you do not have your own – they are normally on racks in the main entrance area. If you need to dry clothes, they will show you the drying room or the best alternative.

Sleeping Arrangements & Washing – You will be allocated to a room or dormitory, where you can claim your bunk space, or you may have been allocated a specific bunk number. Make up your bed and get out toiletries/night clothes ready for later so that you are not rustling around in your rucksack when others are sleeping. We recommend you carry a sleeping bag liner for the duration of your trek – the hut will provide blankets but these are only periodically washed. Personal storage space is limited, so keep things tidy and compact. Shower and washing facilities are communal and mixed sex, and will vary hut to hut, some being quite simple and basic. We advise taking a shower asap, as hot water can be limited, although some huts only have hot water after a certain time in the afternoon. Some showers require tokens, which are usually available for purchase from the bar or kitchen. Some huts have a lights-out time of around 10pm. Have a head torch with you if planning to read or if you are going to bed later than your roommates – they will not appreciate having the light switched on after they have gone to bed!

Tabs, Tap Water, Packed Lunches & Tipping – In most huts it is possible to run a tab for drinks etc., settling up on departure. You should ascertain if the tap water is drinkable, as sometimes it is not. Provisions for lunch are available for purchase in all huts. Some will come in the form of a proper packed lunch (“Lunchpaket” in German), or in some huts you order individual items from the menu (such as “Käse Brot” – bread and cheese). Place your lunch order in the evening so they have plenty of advanced warning. They do not take kindly to guests making packed lunches from the breakfast buffet. It is worth noting if you will be passing a hut during the following day’s route, where you can have your lunch instead. Tipping is not required or expected in any of the huts.

Packing Checklist
Hut Handbook Information

What to Pack

Click here to print this page as a PDF.

We recommend you prepare for your trip prior to your holiday by walking in the hills carrying the equipment you intend to carry whilst in Austria. Once in Matrei, any luggage you do not wish to take with you on your trek can be left with us and we will ensure it is waiting for you on your return to the hotel at the end.

Most of the equipment/clothing on the suggested list below is typical British hill walking attire and most people will already own many items on the list. The emphasis is on being prepared for all weather conditions, whilst making your rucksack light enough to carry for successive days without being too much of a burden.

During the day

  • Strong, light and (most importantly) comfortable walking boots with good ankle support – if you are buying new boots for this trip, be sure to ‘break them in’ before you travel.
  • 35-40 litre rucksack
  • Light weight waterproof jacket and trousers – these should live in your rucksack permanently, as conditions in the mountains can change rapidly
  • A mid-layer fleece
  • A couple of lightweight, wicking base layers (depending on how much you mind smelling!) – long sleeves are better, as they will be warmer on cool days and can be pulled up on warmer days, or left down to give sun protection.
  • Another warm layer which can be put on during stops on cold days – down jacket or warm fleece are ideal
  • Lightweight and quick drying walking trousers – no jeans!
  • Warm gloves and hat
  • Sunglasses and sun hat
  • Walking poles (if you use them – highly recommended when carrying a multi-day pack)
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Water container (at least 2 litres)/thermos flask
  • Map case
  • Compass, whistle, torch, survival bag
  • Please note – cotton t-shirts or jeans should NOT be worn, as they provide no warmth once they are sweaty or wet from rain.

In the evening

Remember, almost everyone at the hut will have walked to get there, so they will be in much the same boat as you. You do not need your Sunday best! It is quite acceptable for people to remain in the clothes they have been wearing for the day. A change of clothes is naturally nice, particularly if the weather is poor. The more clothes you take, the more comfortable you will be, but the more you have to carry! Generally, a pair of trousers and 2 or 3 tops will suffice for a week. One essential piece of kit for an evening is a pair of hut slippers or flip flops, as walking boots are not allowed inside. Some huts along the route do provide these, but a couple don’t. So you may like to bring your own pair or a thick pair of socks instead.

Hut accommodation

  • Sleeping bag liner
  • Ear plugs/eye mask
  • Headtorch/torch – essential to avoid turning on lights when going to bed later than others


  • Wash kit – (groups should consider sharing things like toothpaste, shower gel etc. In order to reduce weight)
  • Travel towel
  • Camera, charger and spare memory card
  • Plug adaptor
  • Sun cream & lip protection
  • Reference books (wild flowers etc)
  • German phrase book
  • Pack of cards/good book – there is often time to kill during an afternoon/evening
  • Slippers/hut shoes – though a number of huts provide these, you can’t beat your own!
  • Swim trunks/costume – Hotel at start/end has a sauna and steam room

Essential items

  • Passport
  • Euros and credit / debit card
  • Cash – your accommodation on a half board basis is paid for, but you pay for any packed lunches, drinks, snacks, buses/trains, cable cars/lifts etc. One or two nights accept credit cards, but not all and so having some cash is essential
  • Insurance and EHIC card
  • Any medication you require
  • Mobile phone and charger – you can keep it switched off, but it is an invaluable piece of safety equipment and could save a life
  • Signed disclaimer

Disclaimer & At Your Own Risk
Dolomites Handbook Information

Important – Disclaimer

On arrival, you will be asked to hand in the disclaimer sent by post.
This should be signed by all members of the party. This disclaimer is largely based on the ‘At your own Risk’ section in our brochure and website.
Download and print out the disclaimer here to sign and take with you

At Your Own Risk & Mountain Safety

Our staff who will advise you for your trek, and who organise walking itineraries if you stay on after the trek, are are not qualified mountain guides and you follow their advice and join them at your own risk – Click here to download and print out Organised & Self Guided Walks – At Your Own Risk & Mountain Safety

Everything you do during your stay in Austria is done at your own risk. In the event of personal injury or death, we are not liable for efforts made by us to enhance your stay in the area, amongst which are our organised walks, other itineraries and the various printed and verbal suggestions concerning itineraries and routes that you will come across during your stay. It is a fact that mountainous areas and winter activities undertaken in the mountains are associated with personal injury and death. By coming to such an area with Collett’s Mountain Holidays or, indeed, independently, you are exposing yourself and your party to the (thankfully small) possibility of personal injury or death. In such an event, Collett’s Mountain Holidays will not be held responsible for your interest in mountainous areas and your involvement in winter mountain pursuits, which can occasionally have tragic consequences.

Your self guided hut to hut itineraries will be spent entirely at your own risk and it is important that you understand that whilst these routes are accurate at the time of writing, the situation on the ground may change and the itineraries rely on your sound judgement and decision making throughout.

Our self-guided hut to hut itineraries are put together on a basis of goodwill so that you might enjoy a route you may not otherwise have discovered having organised the itinerary yourself. It represents nothing more than the opportunity to go out on a beautiful walk in a part of this wonderful walking area, with the support of knowing that many of the logistics have been arranged for you.

It is a fact that mountains, mountainous areas and activities undertaken in them are associated with personal injury and death. By coming to such areas, you are exposing yourself and your party to the possibility of personal injury or even death. In such an event, Collett’s Mountain Holidays will not be held responsible for your interest in mountainous areas and your involvement in mountain pursuits, which can occasionally have tragic consequences.

It is important that you understand that these routes are put together using our extensive knowledge of the area, to provide a route which we believe will be enjoyable and realistic for people who decide that they have the appropriate level of fitness and ability in order to complete the itinerary safely. The information provided uses only marked paths which are in use at the time of writing, however, it is your responsibility to continually assess the suitability and safety of the route throughout the walk and to undertake any action necessary to avoid any terrain which each or any member of the group is not comfortable with. The route choice also assumes an ability to read maps and navigate competently.

It is the responsibility of each individual in the group to make an assessment of the information provided, and to make an informed decision about whether the itinerary is suitable for them.

Finally, during your holiday with Collett’s Mountain Holidays you act at your own risk on any ideas, information and opinions you might acquire from our walk organisers or from material prepared by us to help you get the most from the area.

Duty of Care

We put safety first but you are as responsible as we are!
You walk these routes at your own risk, responsible for your own safety and as part of an autonomous group, in which each member has a Duty of Care to each other. Not being professionally responsible for you does not mean we turn a blind eye to safety, nor does it make us exempt from owing a duty of care to people joining our organised walks. We deem the safety of our staff and clients to be of unparalleled importance and we therefore take our own safety measures and endeavour to minimise the possibility of personal injury and death. We do this in line with legal requirements pertaining to duty of care.

As with any person or organisation involved with activities where there is a possibility of personal injury or death, the issue of duty of care is ever-present and, in the absence of a qualified guide in ‘non-professional’ activities anywhere in the world (whether organised by a company, club, university or even a friend) has a legal commitment to all involved. This commitment to others should therefore be at the heart of your decision when joining a particular organised walk, whilst also forming the basis of your behaviour during that particular excursion.