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Thank you for the many photographs and letters you have sent us. Please feel free to email admin@colletts.co.uk with any photos and comments. All our guests receive a questionnaire shortly after their trip, which you can view here.

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The Lawrence Family
The Dolomites 19/08/15-26/08/15

Good Road instructions from Venice Treviso using hired car. We arrived a little later in Corvara than estimated but were immediately made to feel welcome by Matt who showed us to the Verena Apartment right next door to Caisa Verena. A lovely welcome pack with essentials (tea, milk etc. awaited us). The apartment was homely and just right for our needs. Later in the week we moved into the Chalet for two nights. Throughout our stay we were encouraged to come and be part of the Verena Chalet at all times. Office hour was most useful for planning the next days activities. Thankyou to all the staff (Matt,Holly,Andy,Josh,Beth, Chris,Danni,Cam,Omar and the catering staff) for your welcome and friendship,hard work,good food and encouragement during our stay in the beautiful Dolomites. Also many thanks to John and his wonderful WW1 walk and Talk a real educational experience. We did a mixture of group walks and self guided hikes. All the information, walk sheets and advice was most helpful and contributed to making our holiday special. Hope to come back soon.

Julian Cooper

All excellent and cannot think of anything to change. Initial holiday enquiries not really applicable as we had decided on Ehrwald. We flew to Innsbruck. It would have been good to have had some of your directions from there.

We thought your staff at Ehrwald all excellent (Sam, Tez, Helen, Alex and Caroline). We did not do many of the group walks this year but had excellent help from the team, Sam in particular, identifying walks, cycles and klettersteig. We were particularly impressed by Sam doing a cycle (Um den Daniel) on the Monday and then typing up notes to help us do it on the Tuesday! Our experience on previous holidays with you and wanting to come to Austria.

Value for money - in general (the hotel was very comfortable, food was excellent, staff mostly good. We found our rooms, compared with Corvara and Picos, smaller).

We know being in a hotel makes it a challenge but we would have really valued tea/coffee facilities. We are sure you can find a way round it! It did not feel right coming back in the afternoon after a walk and not being able to get a cup of tea without paying for it -and hence did not happen. The arrangement in Chalet Angelo and the Posada worked really well.

Ginette Danis

We stayed at both Badia and Carvara and both were a wonderful experience. While we had requested our stay to be in downtown Carvara, as opposed to up the hill, this couldn't be accommodated, for whatever reason. At first we were upset, but the Angelo staff and our room were quite nice so all was good at the end. We particularly appreciated Claire, and her cooking, at Chalet Angelo. She is such a wonderful person!

Most of our walks were self-guided so the assisted of your staff to provide us with suggestions for each day was great. (Alison in Badia and Rick in Corvara). Booked because of the positive feedback on your blogs.

Eleanor Burroughs

Picked up brochure walking past your office as photos looked fantastic and wanted the option of guided walks. Huge thanks for going the extra mile with a cake for our sons birthday. What makes the holiday is the staff who were without exception simply wonderful. We had a great time and would not hesitate to recommend Chalet Verena.

Andy Donald
A big Thank You!

Great website – very informative. Maybe include a couple of sample walks showing route, height, and views? Comprehensive Handbook – great route directions. However, I would add one word to the Marco Polo exit instructions. Instead of 'head to the exit' I would put 'head to the airport exit'. We left the hired car park and turned right and ended up in the short term car park! Very pleasant and well-informed staff.

Dinner was exceptionally good. Great quality, huge variety – we had 3 courses for a fortnight with nothing repeated! Breakfast was great but more or less the same every day.

Staff were really friendly, informative, and encouraging. They were more than happy to detail all the walks and give views on options / alternatives. Also really interested in what guests had done / were interested in doing. they showed great flexibility in moving some walks to accommodate guests requests.

What can we say – every walk was great! We had every intention of 'doing our own thing', but after a couple of guided walks we stuck with them for 2 weeks. Often challenging, always fun. Staff were fantastic on the walks! Very clear pre-walk information. Staff always outlined potentially 'difficult' sections of a walk – exposure / steepness, etc. Groups respected 'at your own risk'.

Came across the website by chance, but was impressed by the quality of the website, and the friendliness and helpfulness of the couple of calls I made.

I think there is a good opportunity for combining walking with photography courses. Everyone has a camera / phone with them, and want to get the best from them. I am a very keen photographer (professional for a couple of years) and was giving tips to folks to help them improve. They all expressed an interest in walking / photography combination. I think with a little bit of recce to identify some key spots you could add some extra interest to your walks. I'd be happy to discuss this in more detail with you if you wish. We'd also like to add special thanks to the whole team at Haus Valentin - Cat, Tim, Hannah, Max, Charlie, and Alison (and of course Reiner and the ladies who helped out). They went out of their way to make the whole experience very special - every one of them have an obvious pride in their job, and that is reflected in the high standards in all they do - walking, socialising, facilitating, cleaning, serving, etc etc etc. A big Thank You to all of them!

Lorna Warnock
We had a really good holiday. The staff were great as always!

The 3 course dinner was excellent and of a very high standard. Claire and Alan were really good hosts and we learned a lot about the local produce. We did think that as we were in Italy the coffee could be improved. We do not drink instant coffee at home and would not do so in Italy. A good coffee machine would be most welcome.

Office hour was good and the staff had some great ideas and were very well informed. Transport arrangements could be a little hap hazzard, however, this was because your staff were trying to accommodate guests who were changing their minds about activities. Not sure how you can change that.

Perhaps if the group has over 10 people in it there could be 2 members of staff as 20 or more guests is a large number for one person. I would also suggest that on the medium to hard walks, the member of staff has some experience of the walk as we did find ourselves split into 2 groups with one group in a bit of difficulty on one walk that was unnecessary and could have ended very differently. As you point out, we are responsible for our own safety.
We have been skiing with Collett's and enjoyed it. We wanted to see what the area was like in the Summer and wanted an activity holiday.

We had a really good holiday. The staff were great as always. The food was outstanding and Claire and Alan did a superb job. They really are the dream team.

Zachi Berger

It was our best vacation! High Level Walking, Wildflower Walks, Self Catering, Chalet Tino.

Kevin Ross
Excellent Austria

Moderate Level Walking, Mountain Scenery, Via Ferrata/Klettersteig. More detail on the activities i.e. walking, via ferreta, use of lifts for up/down. We did not appreciate this was a wintersports resort until we arrived.

Helen was delightful, Caroline was lovely, Sam was great company on the walks. Very helpful in addressing anything required. As self caterers we did not really feel comfortable in hotel for office hour. We preferred the office hour setup at Corvara last year where we could help ourselves to tea and coffee and could come and go as we wished. It was also more informal and we swopped ideas with other guests there.

Collets stay was only part of a longer holiday we booked independently.

Susan Whitfield
Staff and host team really made the holiday

The Haus Valentin staff and host team really made the holiday – they were responsive to requests and genuinely seemed to care about the guests and take an interest in us. Couldn't fault them. Definitely value for money - not having to worry about paying for tea, coffee and wine with the meal made it very relaxing. Collett's flexibility, guided walks and the region on offer. Moderate Level Walking, Mountain Scenery. Can you consider destinations like Montenegro - just because i like the company and I want to visit there! Cinque Terre Maybe some UK based holidays? - particuarly coastal walking / cycling e.g. Exmoor, Pembrokeshire, Snowdonia and Llyn Peninsula, Scotland, Northumberland.

Donald Richardson
Outstanding Austria

Really helpful in all respects. Kelly was brilliant! helpful re rail disruptions between Munich and Ehrwald and researched bus alternatives which we took. Many thanks to her. Main factor was the quality of care, friendly warmth and relating abilities and a willingness to go the extra mile ! Eg Alex taking us to Garmish when the Garmish bus sailed past us in Ehrwald. Yes Nothing was too much trouble for the staff. Many thanks to Helen, Caroline, Sam, Alex and Tez.

Great holiday and great company. Thanks!

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