Low Season Discounts

Low Season – It can be as good a time as any

As you can see above, we offer low season discounts at the start and end of our seasons. In all our destinations we offer a full programme of organised walks in low season, so our low season discounts represent a good opportunity for people who want to join our walks at a time when the mountains are quiet. The main motive for the discount is to compensate guests for the somewhat ‘sleepy’ atmosphere and the limited services or ‘closures’ that characterise low season.

The following are far more limited in these periods (moreso in the Dolomites and Pyrenees than the Picos, which remain pretty unaffected by low season): public transport; cable transport; the opening of certain shops, restaurants and mountain huts; access to higher north facing paths due to residual winter snow; and the availability of activity suppliers.

There are advantages to low season. At the start of the season, for example, it can be a time when the flora is at its best. At the end of the season, when the sun has changed its position in the sky, the light becomes a significant attraction to photographers and artists.

Frankly, if (1) you fly-drive or self-drive and therfore have transport (2) you enjoy the walks and mountains at their quietest, most florally-rich and with snowcapped peaks (3) you fancy a half board stay in Collett’s featured accommodation, then low season is as good a time to come as any.

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