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    Walking holidays in Austria
    Sun 13th April

    Spring Recces in the Austrian Alps

    We have exciting news from our base in Ehrwald in the Tirol. In contrast to the amazing winter conditions in Northern Italy and the Dolomites, Austria has had one of the sunniest, driest and warmest winters on record. Spring has arrived early in the high mountains in this beautiful part of Austria. It is official that on our first high level walk to Pitzenegg 2174m (see I&I laminates when in resort) that we h…

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    Walking in the Alps
    Walking holidays in Andalucia
    Thu 3rd April

    The Silk Route

    Today’s walk in Andalucia had guests wandering along an ancient bandit mule track which was once used to transport Silk from Competa to Granada. In more recent years, this track has become part of the GR7 route through Andalucía and is one of few paths which lead you straight into the heart of the Sierra Almijara Natural Park.

    Once again the morning sun gave the impression of mid-summer as we set off on a short 15 minute…

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    Walking holidays in Andalucia
    Walking holidays in Andalucia
    Wed 19th March

    Canillas to Competa

    A brand new destination, a hotel full of enthusiastic guests new to the area and plentiful picturesque walks to enjoy; welcome to Canillas de Albaida, a beautiful white Spanish village in the high mountains of Andalucía.

    Collett’s walk organisers, Rich Manterfield and Kelly Diggle joined Andalucia Walking expert Mick Smith who has been living and working in Andalucía for the past 13 years and has extensive knowledge…

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    Walking Holidays in Andalucia
    Cinque Torri Snowshoe Day
    Sun 2nd March

    Snowshoeing Holidays in the Dolomites
    Heavy snow

    As the season continues, we meet many more couples, families and friend groups coming to the Dolomites not to necessarily do the same thing, but to use their holiday to enjoy different activities. Not everybody is a skier and those that are sometimes choose to try out everything that a Collett’s Mountain Holiday has to offer and more often than not one will go off skiing whilst the other sn…

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    Snowshoeing Holidays
    Tobogganing in the Dolomites
    Sat 1st March

    Other winter activities in the Alta Badia
    The Toboggan Run at San Cassiano

    Alongside our two daily options for ski days in the area, our hosts strive to offer two alternatives for guests less likely to hit the slopes. One way to spend a day differently would be to head to the Toboggan run – easily accessed by the local bus; the 4km pisted track is quiet and offers fantastic panoramas of the area, not forgetting the hours of fun that can be…

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    Tobogganing in the Dolomites
    Food in the South Tyrol
    Tue 25th February

    Rifugios in the Italian Dolomites
    Mangiare bene at our top 5 lunch destinations

    There is usually a list of things that attracts a certain person to a certain area. Depending on the destination of course depends on the attraction but I’m sure I can say with some certainty that a high percentage of people arrive in the Dolomites during the winter months with a grin from ear to ear to enjoy the inches upon inches of white stuff; whether that…

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    Calimero Bombardino in the Dolomites
    Skiing the ‘Hidden Valley’
    Fri 21st February

    Skiing in the Italian Dolomites
    1,200km of piste – A day on the ‘Hidden Valley’

    Each week our ski hosts put together an itinerary that will excite our guests and offer days out that will encourage strangers to become friends as they sign up to venture out with our organisers. Certain ski days stick week after week because we cannot bring ourselves to deny such a memorable experience; the ‘hidden valley’ is just one example of such a day,…

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    Ski in Italy
    Novice Skier – Part 4
    Mon 10th February

    Learning to ski in Italy
    Preparation, Ski Equipment, Lessons & more…

    When I mention the words black and run in the same sentence, does your blood run cold? When you get off the chairlift, head towards the edge and cannot see which direction the slope runs; does that make you want to run for the hills? How about being on a slope so steep you’re afraid to point your ski’s down because all of a sudden you have forgotten how to turn? Perhaps…

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    Skiing Holidays
    Novice Skier – Part 3
    Tue 4th February

    Learning to ski in Italy
    Preparation, Ski Equipment, Lessons & more…

    After seeing a significant increase in my confidence last week, it was up to me to face my fear of steep slopes and throw myself down some more red runs this week.

    Feeling excited and ready to get out one morning, a day to try new skis and a new area. In fact, I was so keen to get out that I decided to try pair of skis that seemed to tower above me, but what were also k…

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    Skiing Holidays in the Dolomites
    Novice Skier – Part 2
    Fri 31st January

    Learning to ski in Italy
    Preparation, Ski Equipment, Lessons & more…

    I compare a lot to learning to drive, but learning to ski really is very similar. There are so many things you have to remember; where to put your feet, where to put your hands, not letting yourself run away, watching out for other ‘drivers’, keeping your body facing forward, weight distribution and most importantly looking where you are going – something I struggle with…

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    Learning to Ski in the Dolomites
    Skiing the Sella Ronda
    Mon 27th January

    Skiing in the Dolomites
    1,200km of piste – Dolomite Superski

    A skiing holiday in the Dolomites offers a whopping 1,200km of piste to each and every guest and year after year people return to fit in as much as possible, perhaps spending a few days in the Alta Badia before heading over to Cortina d’Ampezzo. Surely, you must be asking, there are certain routes and particularly memorable days out that tempt people back for a second (third or fo…

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    Ski the Sella Ronda
    Sas de Putia
    Mon 20th January

    Walking Holidays with Collett’s

    It is always great when a group of people collectively venture out for the day somewhere unknown. A simple shared interest, such as walking holidays in Europe, bring people from all different backgrounds together, beginning as strangers but ending with a real sense of connection – a sign of a good day out in the mountains!

    This was particularly true late in August 2013, as Chalet Angelo guests headed to the…

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    Walking Holidays
    Mountain Huts in the Dolomites
    Wed 15th January

    Whilst in the UK it is very difficult to spend a night in the mountains away from the hustle and bustle, in the Dolomites it is possible to escape for a night (or three) to enjoy a very unique experience in a mountain hut or rifugio.

    If you prefer a bit more comfort than what is afforded by the hut on the Col di Lana (featured in the blog below), you can spend nights out in the mountains – we can easily organise self guided hut to hut itinera…

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    Rifugios and self guided hut to hut walking in the Dolomites
    Novice Skier – Part 1
    Tue 7th January

    Learning to ski in Italy
    Preparation, Ski Equipment, Lessons & more…

    After having made my way through primary and secondary school without signing up to a winter trip, I decided skiing may not be a sport I would be privileged enough to try. It’s true when I say I was brought up with very little money and in all honesty I am thankful for that as it has made me realise what is important in life; money is not one of them. That’s not to say I…

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    Learning to Ski
    New Year Skiing in Corvara, Badia & the Dolomites
    Mon 6th January

    Happy New Year from the Dolomites
    Capodanno Dolomiti

    We greeted the New Year with a quiz at Ciasa Verena enjoying a few drinks with family and new found friends, our guests prevailed by rising bright and early for a big day out on the ski slopes for New Years Day. And what better way to start 2014 than by heading to the Marmolada to ski the 12km red run down into Malga Ciapela!

    Stepping out of the chalet, the weather report held strong as…

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    Skiing the Dolomites
    Winter Photography
    Thu 2nd January

    Stunning winter scenery
    Photographic opportunities in the Dolomites

    The best thing about Collett’s Mountain Holidays is the flexibility that is offered to our guests throughout their stay. As Resort Diarist, I spend a lot of my time taking photographs of the area to try and capture the landscape as well as weekly events and outings with our guests. This week, Ciasa Verena was joined by an avid photographer who was keen to get out and abou…

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    Winter Photography
    Christmas in Corvara & the Alta Badia
    Mon 30th December

    Heavy snow in the Dolomites
    Christmas Festivities

    Where better to spend the Christmas festivities than in the Dolomites enjoying a winter ski and/or snowshoe holiday. With each chalet full of bubbly guests and a fresh dump of snow forecast, the Christmas week was certainly laid out to be successful and full of fun.

    Although slightly overcast and windy outside, this did not stop Pension Angelo guests from heading to the Colfos…

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    Ski holidays Italy
    Pralongiá Plateau Snowshoe
    Mon 23rd December

    Winter in the Dolomites starts this weekend
    Preparation for Collett’s Winter Season

    To start the season off, snow-shoers from Haus Valentin and Verena headed off to explore the Pralongiá Plateau; a stunning open meadow which stands at 2,100m at its highest point and offers views across to the Marmolada, the Sella Massif and the Austrian Alps.

    After successfully meeting up on the bus halfway to our start point, we waved off o…

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    Training week at Haus Valentin
    Sun 15th December

    Winter in the Dolomites starts this weekend
    Preparation for Collett’s Winter Season

    Before the 4 month season of skiing, snowshoeing, sunshine and excitement (perhaps the odd cheeky grappa) kicks off, the enthusiastic winter team come together for a 12 day training period. It is a privilege to spend this time at Haus Valentin, the one chalet Collett’s offer in Badia, which I’m sure our guests will agree, is a wonderful introduction to suc…

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    Hike the GR11
    Mon 11th November

    Our base in Panticosa was very busy in September, due to some dedicated guests flying over to take part in our GR11 week. Our 12 keen walkers were easy to spot at Lourdes and Pau airport by their hiking boots, walking poles and rucksacks. The week began with an impressive tapas lunch at Hotel Sabocos, our base for the week. Over an extremely Spanish themed and very large selection of nibbles, we discovered that amongst us we had 6 Brits and 6 Aus…

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    Hike Pyrenees
    Why Choose A Mountain Holiday?
    Sun 15th September

    When thinking of a mountain holiday many of us may think that this activity is exclusive to professional climbers, sportsmen and adrenaline junkies alone. Here at Collett’s we aim to prove this notion wrong – with holidays in the mountains available for absolutely everyone. Seaside holidays are ten-a-penny, sightseeing getaways are typically too expensive, spa resort holidays can be boring and cruise ships allow no room for real adventure. So…

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    Walking Holidays with Collett's
    Mon 9th September

    Capital city of the province of South Tyrol, ranking the top spot for the best quality of life in Italy and home to Otzi the Ice Man; Bolzano creates a lot of intrigue to say the least. Only an hour and a half drive from Corvara in the heart of the Dolomite Mountains, it begs to question why you wouldn’t venture out for the day to experience the Italian city lifestyle. So with camera in hand I set off to wander the streets to get a feel for suc…

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    Ferragosto – August in the Dolomites
    Mon 2nd September

    As I entered the kitchen on my usual morning breakfast duty I was welcomed with the words “Today is the Ferragosto!” Now I’d heard that this Italian holiday was due soon but I didn’t know what it was all about, and so I made it my personal duty to hit the streets with my camera.

    It couldn’t have been a more beautiful afternoon as I wandered in to La Villa. A stream of cars quickly grew on entrance to the town as the parade prepared t…

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    Ferragosto in the Dolomites
    Col di Lana (WW1 walk with Jon Scanlon)
    Fri 30th August

    Jon Scanlon is yet another one to succumb to the charms of the Dolomite Mountains. After holidaying in the area for many years with Collett’s and with a strong passion and hobby for history, Jon has now joined Collett’s to deliver presentations and organised walks based around World War One. With a total of four weeks at Chalet Angelo, a daily programme has been put together to ensure all of the local areas of interest have been included. A wee…

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    WWI Walks with Jon Scanlon
    Organised First World War walks with Collett’s
    Mon 26th August

    Collett’s Mountain Holidays have been working alongside Isabelle Johnson, a local war historian, for many years. Every Wednesday guests are encouraged to join a fascinating walk through the tunnels, trenches and fortifications of Sass di Stria built by the Austrians in the First World War.

    It has to be said that the morning’s weather really set the scene for a day reminiscing about World War One. Isabelle greeted every guest as they arriv…

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    First World War Historical Walks
    Walking to Lago Sorapis
    Fri 23rd August

    Chalet Angelo were offering some high level walking this week and one of the options took guests to Lago di Sorapis, a majestic lake just the other side of Cortina.

    As the drive took us to the Falzarego Pass and away from Badia, the blue skies sadly disappeared in the distance as a huge rain cloud hovered above Cortina. Guests sat questioning why they had chosen shorts for the day as organiser Gemma reassured them that clear skies were defin…

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    Lago Sorapis
    Thursday nights in Corvara
    Tue 20th August

    By day, Corvara is alive with traffic. Cafés are full with coffee enthusiasts, coaches arrive and unleash excited visitors en masse as cars slow to find a space and cyclists push themselves to the top of the hill. By night, and particularly every Thursday evening in the summer, the road closes and local acts come out to entertain.

    It’s between 5pm and 10pm that barriers are laid out to prevent any cars driving through. Almost instantly peo…

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    The Schuhplattler dances building up the suspense
    Via Ferrata Brigata Tridentina
    Fri 16th August

    Anyone who comes to the Dolomites in search of adventure is surely spoilt for choice when it comes to Via Ferrata. With 76 in the immediate area, it stands to question what makes the Brigata Tridentina so popular for our Alta Badia visitors. Walk organisers ventured out at the crack of dawn to get a feel for the Via Ferrata that receives such bright eyes and beaming smiles from our guests.

    Climbers approaching the start of Via Ferrata Bri…

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    Via Ferrata Brigata Tridentina
    Eastfield Lodge Walking Break
    Thu 15th August

    Having recently returned from the Dolomites and a holiday travelling around Europe I was lucky enough to bag a stint at our B&B, Eastfield Lodge, leading the walks for our August Walking Break. Checking the forecast on Tuesday afternoon I was pleased to see that the Yorkshire Dales were set to be bathed in sunshine (or as near as it gets!) for rest of the week and was hopeful for 3 great days of walking around Wensleydale.

    After arriving late…

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    Walking in the Yorkshire Dales
    Water Colour Painting in the Dolomites
    Mon 12th August

    When you come to list all of the things the Dolomites has to offer; stunning walks, Via Ferrata, WW1 excursions, wild flower meadows etc, you think it would be difficult to find another activity to quench your curiosity of the area. However, Mary King, Resort Artist for summer 2013, is here to share her skills and tempt you into joining her for the day painting the picturesque landscape with water colours.

    On this particular afternoon, Mary h…

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    Watercolour Painting Holidays
    The First World War Tunnels at Lagazuoi
    Mon 5th August

    Due to a recent high level of interest from our guests, organisers from Chalet Haus Valentin made sure that a walk through the WW1 tunnels was on offer this week.

    Upon arrival to the car park, the 30 minute zig-zag route alongside Lagazuoi, which leads to the entrance of the tunnels, could be seen. We made our way up the gravel track as views opened up over the Marmolada and surrounding mountain peaks. Getting geared up for the adventure ahea…

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    Collett’s Mountain Holidays Newsletter
    Mon 27th May

    Latest news from our UK Office
    Late Offers for June • Ski Safaris for Winter 2014 • Our July Walking Break in the Dales

    As our summer walking season approaches, we have some attractive late offers in the Dolomites & Pyrenees for June.
    Also, I write with news of three hut to hut ski safaris. Finally, there is an invitation to join our July Walking Break in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. As always, pick up the phone or drop us an emai…

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    June Walking Holidays Newsletter
    Walking Holidays with Collett’s
    Sun 14th April

    Organised & Self Guided Walking
    Arrive & Depart Any day

    Our winter staff have all returned home safely, after an amazing season of heavy snow, great skiing, super snowshoeing and some wonderful winter walks. We are already booking up fast for next winter so make sure you have a look at our new Chalet in Corvara and what we have to offer next winter here.

    Our summer season is nearly with us and as we look forward to the spring in the UK, we…

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    Walking Holidays with Collett's
    February in the Dolomites
    Tue 19th February

    New snowshoe routes & more snow than you can shake a stick at…
    by James (Rushy) Rushforth – Resort Manager, Corvara

    Well thus far February has started with the same characteristics as the rest of the season, fantastic snow and great conditions both on and off the piste. Beautiful blue skies have resulted in the temperature dropping dramatically over the last few days preserving the snow on the trees and generally giving everything a ver…

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    A Collett’s Ski Safari
    Thu 31st January

    by Tom Collett

    The first Collett’s Ski Safari was a huge success and a truly memorable Dolomites experience for a group of 12 skiers. I was privileged to be one of them. (Occasionally one has to ‘up-sticks’ and leave the family in the name of product research!)

    Skiing at San Pellegrino
    Colin and I above Alleghe with Monte Pelmo (3,168m) behind

    This unique ‘hut to hut’ skiing holiday in the Dolomites was made all the m…

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    Ski Safari in the Dolomites
    Christmas in the Dolomites
    Mon 31st December

    by Felicity Lee – Fun and frivolities in the Dolomites during the festive season

    Well Christmas went with a bang here in the Dolomites where Collett’s guests and staff enjoyed six course meals, gluhwein and plenty of chocolate! Not to mention a few impromptu Christmas carol singalongs and a ski show or two.

    Skiing on the Pralongia, Christmas Day

    Our outdoor activities programme continued as normal with out days including Fa…

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    Week one of the Winter Season in the Dolomites is off to a flying start…
    Thu 20th December

    by Felicity Lee – Ski & Snowshoe Host, Chalet Haus Valentin (Badia)

    As our first guests were greeted by a spectacular sunset over the beautiful peaks of the Dolomites and staff were busy beavering away making final touches to the hosted chalets and apartments in Arabba, Corvara and Badia, the FIS Ski World Cup Grand Slalom took place in the Alta Badia on Sunday. Guests staying in our hosted apartments in Arabba who arrived the previous d…

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    Christmas Skiing in the Dolomites
    Snow is falling… all around
    Wed 12th December

    Preparation for the Winter Season
    fresh snowfall and colder temperatures
    Last minute space left on our Early Bird Week – Click here

    Based at Haus Valentin, Collett’s Mountain Holidays training week in the Dolomites has taken shape nicely with the help of all the snow that’s fallen over the last eight days (over 1 metre – see here to see live webcams of the Dolomites). Cristina and Rainer of Haus Valentin are getting into the Christmas spirit…

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    Snow has arrived in Italy
    Fri 7th December

    Edelweiss Snowshoe & Ski Touring in the Dolomites
    Preparation for Collett’s Winter Season
    Over a metre of snow has fallen in the Dolomites during the past week, allowing our organisers to get out and enjoy some snowshoeing and skiing in preparation for our winter holidays and the upcoming ski season. Our Early Bird week starts on the 15th & 16th December (Due to a last minute cancellation, we still have a couple of places left for Early…

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    Walking & Hiking in the Pyrenees
    Sat 18th August

    The Queen parachutes Olympic fever as far as the Pyrenees…

    Olympic fever has swept over Collett’s in the Pyrenees over the last couple of weeks, fuelling an previously well-hidden competitive streak amongst both organisers and guests. Our recent walks have incorporated various other outdoor activities, including stone skimming competitions, several ‘Who can beat the children’ challenges, alpine swimming races, and a ‘who’s got the bi…

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    News from the Picos de Europa
    Tue 14th August

    Beaches, Bears and Brave Pioneers!!

    Since last we blogged the weather in the Picos De Europa, it has lived up to its reputation with conditions ranging from late night thunderstorms to clear hot days.

    If you find that the heat is becoming too much or, like most do, find that you need a rest day in between walking days then there are plenty of places to explore, including a visit to the beautiful northern coast of Spain, which is littere…

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    Walking Holidays in the Picos de Europa
    This week in the Dolomites
    Tue 7th August

    They say time flies when you’re having fun, and it’s certainly true out here in the Dolomites. It’s hard to believe how much we are able to pack into each week!

    Here’s a small taster of what we’ve all been up to…

    We’ve been out and about researching new walks, exploring this vast and dramatic area even further. We headed over towards Ortisei, Selva, Sassolongo and also tried a couple of new walks around the Passo delle…

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    Walking & Hiking the Dolomites